What are the different parts of a Redwood Tree?

Heartwood, which comes from the heart of the tree, Is all red in color.During the life of the tree, the Heartwood, or middle of the tree, is made up of dead cells. The Sapwood is white in color . The Sapwood which is found surrounding the heartwood, carries the food for the tree upwards, from root to branch. The Cambium layer is one cell thick and is found on the innermost area of the bark. All new cells in the tree are produced in the Cambium layer. Next to the cambium layer is a thin layer of bark called the Phloem. This is the area of the tree that carries nutrients created by sunlight, and water collected by the branches, downward to the roots of the tree. The Outer ring of the tree is the Bark. If the Bark is cut all the way around, so that the Phloem and the Cambium layer have a complete break in them, the tree will die.