Is Redwood FingerJoint still available?

Redwood Finger-joint products are available in both trim and siding patterns. Redwood Empire has the stock available in pre primed, class A fire rated, products.When buying Rdwood siding, make sure that all siding is produced with the Rip and flip procedure ( or true vertical grain is used ) to ensure that you receive a product that  is at leat 95% Vertical Grain. A flat grain type of siding product will end up with raised grain when exposed to the weather. When using a Finger Joint Redwood trim item, if you choose a resawn face product, the grain will not raise even if it is flat grain as the resawing “sets” the grain. For any information about Redwood Finger Joint, don’t hestitate to call us at the number listed on our site as we will be glad to give you all the free information on these wonderful products you may need!