Redwood Is The Premier Wood For Your Home

Redwood lumber has a reputation for being a strong wood in all aspects of performance. Redwood lumber is more durable than many other woods, and stands up well to the test of time. Redwood lumber is also incredibly stable, and resists warping and shrinkage better than most other woods. Redwood also tends to dry out less than other woods, allowing it to hold a finish for much longer. Finally, redwood lumber also has a superior resistance to insects and fungus, meaning your pieces can be used anywhere inside or outside the home.

Redwood lumber has long been considered one of the most beautiful types of lumber in the world. Its rich colour and distinctive grain sets it apart from other woods, but redwood lumber is also known for its performance. If you are looking for a new type of wood for your projects, redwood could make an attractive option for your.

Redwood flooring makes an attractive addition to your home. You can choose to install high quality redwood flooring inside your home; the rich red or cinnamon coloured flooring brings warmth to any room. Best of all, redwood is wonderfully durable and can stand up to the roughest treatment a family can dream up.

One of the most popular uses of redwood flooring is for decks. Because of its durability, redwood flooring used on a deck can be counted on to last a number of years, and its rich colours will give you a deck that will be functional as well as attractive. The strength of redwood flooring also makes it perfect for decks featuring hot tubs.

Redwood veneer is known for its resistance to scratches and damage, and can be used to create wonderful accents to your furniture projects – without having to purchase redwood lumber. You can also use redwood veneer in trim applications throughout your home, which will allow you to enjoy all the beauty of warmth of redwood.

Many do it yourselfers use redwood veneer in areas where there will be less traffic. They can then finish frequently used areas with redwood lumber.